Society for the Promotion of Communication with the Hearing Impaired

Lormen is a tactile finger-spelling method of communication for deaf-blind, hearing impaired and their social environment.
The left hand is used as a matrix for spelling out letters.

Lormen was developed by the Czech author Hironymus Lorm at the beginning of the 20th Century.




The Swiss free app, called „Lern Lormen“, explains all about Lormen, teaches you how to practice Lormen and has exercises where you can practice to spell words. 

The cotton glove is a white glove, with illustrations marking all of  the letters of the alphabet in your hand. The hearing-impaired wears the cotton glove when communicating with a person who has not yet mastered Lormen.



Promoting Lormen by offering courses to individuals and/or groups.

Our course consists of one basic unit of approx. 2 hrs and an optional training session of about 1 hr.


Target groups in Austria:

– People who do not understand in certain situations despite hearing aids.

– People who suddenly become deaf or have poor hearing – e.g. due to a sudden deafness.

– CI patients, as a bridging measure until they understand speech with the implant.

– People who wear hearing aids or CI, at night or when swimming, in rain or snow, during sports  or leisure activities where the hearing aid could be damaged.   

– People who cannot speak due to a laryngeal disease.




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